Dear Actors-

 Please send me an email and let me know all about you. It's about you. Not me. I like a good resume and one good headshot that looks exactly like you, showing depth in your eyes and the mystery in your soul.

I like a good reel that shows your recent work and your best work only! It only take one yes to get to your foot in the door. But too much is undoubtedly a no. 

I have developed an eye for catching talent over the years from being the only camera runner in my studio. I love casting and meeting new actors and connecting with the old---but I really love interacting with the camera and you as I give you direction. I can help you and you will reach your desired dreams. No matter what, keep at it. Work hard, make friends and create your future in acting!

Set out to conquer the ocean. pam bouvie
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Cerritos Film Department Panel