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How do you audition for roles you know about...hear about... or get called in about?

You have to go on tape. Nothing has changed there. 

Whether it's in the session room or online. You must be taped and judged.


After casting for over 25 years, I can see very quickly whether or not

an actor can work 1 day (10 hours on set) or 3 weeks in a leading role.

You have to show that you are a pro and can take direction.

How do you do that?

Practice makes perfect.

Let me be honest and frank with you.

Most actors think they can do comedy, drama, thrillers and be a host!

Some can, but after years of working.

I will help you learn about how you present yourself and how to look like a pro.   

It doesn't matter if you live in another state or country.

The actors in LA have to self tape and they live here!

You can learn online.

Below are suggestions to get started.

Please private message me for more information at 


Unlimited hours on a 6 month contract. This is for the student who really wants to get some work done. The more you follow directions the more you will learn and advance. This contract has boundaries and although somewhat playful, it should be kept serious and focused. 


This is good for 10 hours on line coaching, scene study, commercials or film, comedy, thriller, drama reads and focus.

This is a discounted package.


60 minute consultation or coaching.