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Put yourself in line with the competition.

Learn how to compete in the entertainment industry as an actor.

Learn how to look good on camera today!

Learn everything I have learned over 30 years of casting!

I will help you drive a straight line to the work you desire!

We can work together via video and email. 

Actors work harder than ever. Are you able to compete?

To learn more, email me at!

Israel: Hai Konforti


The $1000.00 package can be used over the course of 6 months. 

The $500.00 package is half the time and also half of the length of contract, so you have 3 months to use your hours. 

I really do prefer actors who want to be a career actor. You can learn alot, the more you do the more training you get. The more you self tape a scene for me, and do every redirect and understand your character choices, the better you will get. I will be honest with you.